Kiyotaki-kaido Road (清滝街道)

The Kiyotaki-kaido Road ("Kiyotaki Kaido" in Japanese) is one of the roads which joins Osaka Prefecture, Nara Prefecture and the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture. It can also be regarded as part of the Nara-kaido Road, which is one of the Ise-jingu Shrine pilgrimage roads. It is called the Kiyotaki-kaido Road because it crosses the Kiyotaki-toge Pass in Shijonawate City.

Although the part of Kiyotaki-kaido Road which runs from Moriguchi City center, through Kadoma City and up to Nakano district in Shijonawate City, is referred to as the Moriguchi-kaido Road, this section deals with them as one.

It is believed that the Kiyotaki-kaido Road was opened by Gyoki.

The present-day National Route 163 follows the route of Kiyotaki-kaido Road, connecting Osaka and Kizugawa City area. The part of the Iwafune-kaido Road running along the Tatsuta-gawa River at Tatsuta, Ikaruga-cho, is also sometimes referred to as Kiyotaki-kaido Road.

Moriguchi-kaido Road
At Moriguchi-shuku the Kyo-kaido Road branches off from the Moriguchi-kaido Road, which then runs alongside Keihan Main Line railway up to Owada Station and crosses National Route 163 to the west of the Sumoto intersection. It then runs to the south of the national route, before merging with National Route 163 at the Shitomiyanishi intersection. Immediately after passing National Route 170, the Moriguchi-kaido Road branches off to the north at the Shitomiyahigasi intersection. The Moriguchi-kaido Road, along with the Kiyotaki-gawa River, follows the route of the former road and leads to the Kiyotaki-kaido Road.

The route taken by the Moriguchi-kaido Road is almost exactly the same as the present-day Moriguchi Kadoma section of Osaka Prefectural Road 158.

Description in Osaka Prefectural Magazine Vol. 4 (published in 1903)
"The road branches off from National Route 2 (Kyo-kaido Road) at Oaza Moriguchi, Moriguchi-cho, Kitakawachi County and connects Kadoma Village, Owada Village, Shinomiya Village, Neyagawa Village and other villages in Kitakawachi County. It then joins Higashi Koya-kaido Road at Oaza Nakano, Koka Village, Kitakawachi County. The road is about 7.5 km long, has many curves to the left and right, and because it continually passes through rice fields is low and marshy."

Kiyotaki-kaido Road
The Moriguchi-kaido Road becomes the Kiyotaki-kaido Road around Shijonawate City Hall and then crosses Higashi Koya-kaido Road. The Kiyotaki-kaido Road climbs over the Kiyotaki Pass and crosses Iwafune-kaido Road in the Kitatahara district. The road continues east, sometimes joining the national route and sometimes veering away from it, merging with the Nara-kaido Road on National Route 24 at Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture.

Description published in the Osaka Prefectural Magazine Vol. 4
The following is described.
The Kiyotaki-kaido Road starts from Higashi Koya-kaido Road in Oaza Minamino, Koka Village, Kitakawachi County and joins Iwafune-kaido Road, which comes from Iwafune Village, Kitakawachi County at the border between Yamato and Kawachi administrative regions in Oaza Shimotawara, Tawara Village. '
The Kiyotaki-kaido Road then enters Tatsuta-cho, Ikoma County, Nara Prefecture and merges with the Nara-kaido Road.'
The road is convenient mainly for the traffic travelling between the northeastern part of Kawachi and the northwestern part of Yamato.'
The road is about 7 km long and 2.7 m wide.'
The whole area is mountainous and old tall cedars overhang the road.'
As it heads east, the road becomes steeper.'

Places and buildings along the road
Moriguchi City
Nanshu-ji Temple
Kadoma City
Panasonic head office
Keihan Nishisanso Station
Keihan Kadomashi Station
Kadoma City Hall
Keihan Furukawabashi Station
Furukawa (Furukawabashi, Osaka Prefecture)
Keihan Owada Station (Osaka Prefecture)
Sumoto intersection (Osaka prefectural road 158)
Shijonawate City
Shitomiya intersection (junction of Osaka ring road and National Route 170)
Shijonawate City Hall
Kiyotaki-toge Pass
Iimori cemetery
Shimotawara intersection (junction of the Iwafune-kaido Road)
Ikoma City
Amano-gawa River, Osaka Prefecture (crossing National Route 168 at the eastern end of Kitatahara-ohashi Bridge)
Tomio-gawa River (Shibahashi)
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
(Starting around here the road follows Yamada-gawa River)
Kintetsu Gakken Nara Tomigaoka Station
Yamadagawa Interchange, Keinawa Expressway
Kintetsu Yamadagawa Station
Kizugawa City
JR Nishikizu Station
Kizugawa City Hall
Kizu intersection (junction of National Route 24 and Nara-kaido Road)

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