Kizuyabashi-dori Street (木津屋橋通)

Kizuyabashi-dori Street is a street running east-west through Kyoto City. Kizuyabashi-dori Street runs from a point on Higashinotoin-dori Street at its east end to a point on Onmae-dori Street at its west end. Kizuyabashi-dori Street connects Shichijo-dori Street with Shiokoji-dori Street. Kizuyabashi-dori Street vanishes in the middle between Umekoji Park and Shinsenbon-dori Street.

Kizuyabashi-dori Street is a street connecting Kyoto Tower with Kintetsu Department Store. The section west of Horikawa-dori Street passes through a residential area where small scale handicraft manufacturer factories operate amidst residences.

It is said that the name, Kizuyabashi-dori Street was given after Kizuya-bashi Bridge was built over Hori-kawa River and but it is also said that the street was named by due to other reasons.

Main Facilities along Kizuyabashi-dori Street

Kyoto Branch Store of Kintetsu Department Store (Blats Kintetsu)

Kyoto Tower

Shichijo Police Station

Shimogyo Fire Station

Shimogyo Ward Office

Umekoji Park

Matsuo-jinja Shrine otabisho (a place for portable shrines to rest) at a corner on Onmae-dori Street

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