Omiya-dori Street (大宮通)

Omiya-dori Street is a boulevard in Nara City, Nara Prefecture. It is a main street of Nara City running east-west from Horai-cho, Nara City to Kintetsu Nara Station. The name changes to "Hanna Road" heading west from Horai-cho, and "Nobori-oji" heading east from Kintetsu Nara Station.

This section will also describe Nobori-oji.


Hanna Road is a highway which connects Osaka and Nara, and used to connect to Sanjo-dori Street which opened on December 25, 1958. Due to its extremely narrow width compared to Hanna road, Sanjo-dori Street became congested with traffic. At the same time, a plan was commenced to open the underground Kintetsu Nara line in time for the Expo '70. It linked with the underground project for the Kintetsu Nara Line, and was planned to extend Nobori-oji and establish Omiya Road (current Omiya-dori Street). It was opened in 1969. At the same time, National Road No. 24 was opened and traffic in Nara City was transformed.

When it was opened, there were fields along Omiya-dori Street heading east from the Kansai Main Line, Japanese National Railways (current JR), but once Shin-Omiya Station opened along the Kintetsu Nara Line, the neighborhood developed into a new city, and as the city hall was relocated from the former city, offices, business facilities, and department stores began to develop. Of special note is the concentration of financial institutions. Heading west from the Nijo-oji Minami 1-chome intersection, the road bustles with shops etc.

Originally Omiya-dori Street was built to reduce traffic, but couldn't keep up with the pace of motorization, and recently traffic jams occur starting at the Horai-cho to Nijo-oji Minami 1-chome intersection. Due to this fact, the section from Horaicho to Sanjo-oji was newly expanded to include four lanes on each side, which included a highway with two lanes on each side, with plans to build a connecting road to Sanjo-dori Steet, and is supposed to be expanded to include two lanes on each side. This would allow cars travelling froom Nara City through Hanna Road access from both street Omiya-dori Street and Sanjo-dori Street, and is expected to reduce congestion.

Facilities on the Street

Suzaku-mon Gate
Ito-Yokado Nara Store (former Nara Sogo)
Nara City Hall
Nara Police Station
Round One Nara
Nara Shinkin Bank Omiya Branch
Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Nara Branch
Asahi Life Insurance Nara Branch
Sompo Japan Insurance Nara General Office
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Nara Branch
Nanto Bank Omiya Branch
Nara City Omiya Elementary School
Kintetsu Shin-Omiya Station
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Nara National Road Office
Nara Central Post Office
Daido Life Insurance Nara Branch
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Nara Branch
Kintetsu Nara Station


Nobori-oji is a city street in Nara City, Nara prefecture. It runs from Kintetsu Nara Station and across the Nara Park to east and west, to the Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

Main Facilities on the Street

Kasuga Hotel
Nara District Court
Nara Prefectural Government
Nara Prefectural Police Department
Kofuku-ji Temple
Nara International Seminar House
Nara National Museum
Nara Fureai Kairo Yumeshirube Kazeshirube
Todai-ji Temple, Nandai-mon Gate (Chu-mon gate in a back, and Daibutsu-den or the Great Buddha hall)
Nara Prefectural New Public Hall
Kasuga Taisha Shrine

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