Rokujo-dori Street (六条通)

Rokujo-dori Street is one of the major east-west streets in Kyoto City. The street, located south of Yobai-dori Street and Matoba-dori Street and north of Hanayacho-dori Street, runs from Kawaramachi-dori Street in the east to Horikawa-dori Street in the west. It corresponds to Rokujo-oji Street of Heian-kyo.

Shijo-dori Street and Shichijo-dori Street, which share numerals in their names and originating from main streets of Heian-kyo, serve as main arteries, whereas Rokujo-dori Street is a community road. It has two lanes between Kawaramachi-dori Street and Karasuma-dori Street, but the section west of Karasuma-dori Street to Horikawa-dori Street is so narrow that it can barely accommodate a car. From Shinmachi-dori Street to Abura-no-koji dori Street, it is a small-scale shopping street. This is because the shopping street is a remnant of the past Uonotana-dori Street, as included in songs used to memorize east-west streets by heart (refer to the article "Streets in Kyoto City"), and just like Nishikikoji-dori Street, the width of the old day's street lined with shops has been passed down.

The street, which forms an extended line of Rokujo-dori Street beyond the parking lots of Nishi Hongan-ji Temple, starts from Omiya-dori Street and is called Tanbaguchi-dori Street.

Main facilities along the street

Hitomachi-koryukan, Kyoto

Chokodo - Former Rokujo Palace

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