Gantoku-ji Temple (願徳寺)

Gantoku-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Tendai Sect located in Oharano, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City. Its sango (honorific mountain prefix) is Mt. Bukkarin. Its Ingo (temple title) is Hobodai-in. The principal image is a statue of Nyoirin Kannon in the in half-lotus position, which is a national treasure and the 33rd site on the Rakuyo Kannon Pilgrimage of 33 Temples in Kyoto City.

Temple legend states that Gantoku-ji Temple was founded in modern day Terato-cho, Muko City in the year 679 before Chukai (son of late Heian period samurai TAIRA no Norimori) who had served at Hobodai-in Temple in Sanjo-dori Street, Higashioji-dori Street became head priest and restored the temple. The temple prospered as the central temple of Tendai Sect esoteric Buddhism but went into decline due to factors including destruction by fire. It further deteriorated in modern times and in 1962 artifacts including the principal image statue of Kannon were relocated to Shoji-ji Temple, known as 'Hana no Tera' (lit. Flower Temple). Following this, Gantoku-ji Temple was moved adjacent to Shoji-ji Temple and restored.

Cultural Properties
National Treasure
Wooden statue of a bodhisattva in the half-lotus position
Important Cultural Properties
Wooden standing statue of Yakushi Nyorai

1223-2 Oharano Minamikasuga-cho, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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