Himukai-daijingu Shrine (日向大神宮)

Himukai-daijingu is a shrine located along the Sanjo-dori Street in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City. It is a Shikinai-sha (shrine listed in Engishiki laws) and is a Sonsha (village shrine) in the old shrine ranking.

Enshrined deity
There are two Honden (main hall), Naiku (inner shrine) and Geku (outer shrine), and the Naiku is dedicated to Amaterasu Oomikami, Munakata Sanjojin, Ichikishimahime and Takitsuhime-no-mikoto, and the Geku is dedicated to Ninigi and Ame no Minakanushi no Kami.

It was founded by the imperial order to move the divine spirit from the divine site at Takachiho-no-mine Mountain in Tsukushi no Himuka (currently, Miyazaki Prefecture) by the imperial order at the time of the 23rd Emperor Kenzo. In 'Record of Scenic Beauty in Uji County' and 'Record of Yamashina Town in Kyoto,' the shrine is defined as 'Himukai-daijingu Shrine in Uji-gun, Yamashiro Province,' a small shrine listed in Jinmyocho (the list of deities) of Engishiki (codes and procedures on national rites and prayers), but in 'Record of Scenic Beauties in Yamashiro,' 'Record of Yamashiro,' and 'The historical Background of Jinmyocho,' written by Nobutomo BAN's, the definition is different.

The Shaden (main hall) and other buildings were burnt down in the Onin War, and rituals were suspended for a short time. It was rebuilt at the old site by benefactors at the beginning of the Edo period and became famous as a shrine to pray for traffic safety.

Shrine in precincts
Kami no betsugu
Aramatsurigu Shrine

Shimo no betsugu
Taga-jinja Shrine
Kasuga-jinja Shrine

Betsugu (associated shrine)
Fukudo-jinja Shrine

Ebisu-jinja Shrine
Amenouzume-jinja Shrine

Ama no iwato (Cave of heaven)
Togakushi-jinja Shrine

Asahi-sen Spring
Mii-jinja Shrine

Ise-jingu Yohaisho (place to bow in the direction of the Ise-jingu Shrine)
Sarutahiko-jinja Shrine (Sarutahiko is an earthly deity)
Kanda-inari-jinja Shrine
Asahi-tenmangu Shrine
Itsukushima-jinja Shrine

Keage Station on the Tozai Line, Kyoto City Subway Line

Turn left soon after the entrance of Higashiyama Drive Way at Sanjo-dori Street.

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