Keidai (境内)

The term keidai refers to the grounds of a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple.

Regulations concerning keidai are specified within Japan's Religious Corporation Law and it is legally referred to as keidaichi (keidai precinct).

Legal Definition of Keidai

Regulations concerning keidaichi are specified within Article 3 of Japan's Religious Corporation Law.

Article 3:This law defines 'keidai kenbutsu' as fixed buildings and structures belonging to a religious corporation as described in item 1 that are necessary for said religious corporation to conduct activities as stipulated in the previous article. Keidaichi' is defined as the fixed land that is necessary for a religious corporation, as described from item 2 to item 7, to conduct activities stipulated in those same articles.

Land that has a close connection as determined by history, ancient records, etc.

Land used to protect from damage the buildings, structures and land stipulated in all previous items

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