Kojino-jinja Shrine (己爾乃神社)

Kojino-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture. It is a Shikinaisha ronja (a Shinto shrine considered to be a descendant of shrines listed in Engishiki laws).

The enshrined deities

Onamuchi no mikoto

Ametsuhikone no mikoto

Susano no mikoto

It has been said that the shrine was built by NAKATOMI no 為恵 in 703. It is a Shikinaisha ronja. The main building and others of the shrine were destroyed by the battles during the Eiroku era, but in 1791 it was rebuilt. It was a gosha (village shrine in the old classification of shrines).


Reisai (regular festival), May 5

Shrines in the precincts

Inari-jinja Shrine

Tenman-gu Shrine

Oshiro-jinja Shrine

Cultural properties

Kyozutsu (sutra case)

A cultural property designated by the city

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