Matsuno-dera Temple (Maizuru City) (松尾寺 (舞鶴市))

Matsuno-dera Temple is a Buddhist temple in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture belonging to the Daigo school of the Shingon Sect. It is No. 29 pilgrim stamp office of the 33 Temples of Saigoku.

The temple stands on the side of Mt. Aoba (Kyoto Prefecture/Fukui Prefecture) that lies on the boundary between Maizuru City and Takahama-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui Prefecture.

It is famous for Hotokemai dance of the Matsuno-dera Temple held every May 8. The principal image is a sedentary statue of Hayagriva.

National Treasure

Color painting on silk, portrait of Samantabhadra

Important Cultural Properties

Color painting on silk, portrait of Mahamayuri
Color painting on silk, lotus mandala
Color painting on silk, portrait of Cintamanicakra
Color painting on silk, Mt. Zhongnan-shan mandala
Wooden sedentary statue of Amitabha crafted by Kaikei


532 Matsuo, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture



Approximately 40 minutes walk from Matsunodera Station on Obama Line, the West Japan Railway Company.


Leave National Highway 27 near the boundary with Fukui Prefecture and travel for approximately 10 minutes on the Matsuo-Kissaka route of Prefectural Road 564.

Neighboring Pilgrimage Sites
The 33 temples that are visited during the Kansai Kannon Pilgrimage
28. Nariai-dera Temple; 29. Matsuno-dera Temple; 30. Chomei-ji Temple

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