Ofusa Kannon (おふさ観音)

Ofusa Kannon is the common name of the Buddhist temple located in Ousa-cho, Kashimara City, Nara Prefecture. The sango (literally, "mountain name"), which is the title prefixed to the name of a Buddhist temple, is Jumuryozan. The formal name is Koyasan Shingon Sect Bekkaku-Honzan (special head temple) Jumuryozan Kannon-ji Temple. It is famous for its roses closely planted together in the grounds. The temple is positioned roughly in between Mt. Mimimashi and Mt. Unebi, two of the Three Mountains of Yamato, and its principal image of Budda is Juichimen Kannon (Eleven-faced Kannon).


It is said to have been established in 1650 when a Kannon (Deity of Mercy), riding on a white turtle, appeared from a nearby pond called Koigafuchi. A young girl who lived in the neighborhood of Ofusa found the deity and built a small hall to enshrine it.

Hana Mandala (Mandala expressed by flowers)

In order to welcome visitors, about 2,000 seedlings of 1,800 varieties of roses (mainly English Roses), clematises and herbs are cultivated and exhibited in the precincts of this temple. Most of the floweres are cutivated in pots, and they are moved out of the grounds during events other than Rose Festival. The pots of flowers are displayed along the passages arranged in every direction so that visitors can not only appreciate the flowers but also come close and enjoy their smell. The temple calls this the Hana Mandala as it expresses Mandala in the form of flowers.

Fudasho (temple where amulets are collected)

Association of Holy Places Boke-fuji (Senility prevention) of Yamato.

Yamato Shichifuku Happo Association (formerly Yamato Shichifukujin Reijyoukai), Ebisu-ten (God of fishing and commerce)

The 8th Temple of the Yamato Jusanbutsu Reijokai, is home to Kannon Bosatsu (Kannon Buddhisattva)


Grand Festival for Ebisu: middle of January

Spring Grand Festival: April 17 and 18

Rose Festival

Spring: May 15 - June 30

Autumn: October 19 - November 30

Furin (wind Chime) Festival: July 1 - August 31

Summer Festival: July 17

Grand Festival for boke-fuji: September 15 (This event is held by Abe Monju-in Temple and Ofusa Kannon alternately every other year, and today, Ofusa Kannon holds this event in odd-numbered years of Western calendar.)

Autumn Grand Festival: October 17 and 18


10 minutes walk from Unebi Station on JR West Sakurai line.

From Kintetsu Yamato Yagi Station, get on the Nara Kotsu bus headed for 'Shoubu-cho 4-chome,' 'Oyodo bus center,' or 'Shimoichi-cho, Iwamori' and get off at Obusa, then walk about 5 minutes.

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