Saiun-in Temple (西雲院)

Saiun-in Temple is a sub-temple of the the Jodo Sect (the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) daihonzan (head temple) Konkaikomyo-ji Temple (commonly known as "Kurodani-san") located in Kurodani-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. The temple is commonly known as "Shiunseki."


Sogon, who was in the service of Katsutoshi TAKIGAWA's daughter entered the Buddhist priesthood on feeling the transiency of life following her death and, after training for 11 years and returning to Kurodani, he founded Saiun-in Temple on being granted Shiunseki by Ryoteki, 27th head priest of Konkaikomyo-ji Temple. Sogon, who was devoted to the single-minded recitation of the nenbutsu, assembled many followers and received numerous donations. A 1,000-day nenbutsu memorial service and, after his death, a 10,000-day nenbutsu memorial service, a 30,000-day nenbutsu memorial service and a 40,000-day memorial service (100 years) were conducted.


Saiun-in Temple serves to pray for the souls of the 352 Aizu Domain retainers buried in the graveyard. In June each year, head of the Aizu-Matsudaira family is invited and a memorial service held.


Flowers are in bloom at the temple in all seasons, with peonies in spring, lotuses and crape myrtles in summer and beautiful red leaves in autumn.


Saiun-in Temple is located seven minutes walk from Okazaki-jinja Shrine. Visitors are permitted.

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