Seven Great Temples of Nanto (Nara) (南都七大寺)

Seven Great Temples of Nanto are the seven major temples that existed in Heijo-kyo (Nanto, Nara) and its surrounding areas in the Nara period and were protected by the Imperial Court.

Kofuku-ji Temple (Nara City)
Todai-ji Temple (Nara City)
Saidai-ji Temple (Nara City)
Yakushi-ji Temple (Nara City)
Gango-ji Temple (Nara City)
Daian-ji Temple (Nara City)
Horyu-ji Temple (Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma County)

Since Horyu-ji Temple is located in Ikaruga, some theories exclude Horyu-ji Temple as one of the seven and instead count Toshodai-ji Temple. Another theory excepts Saidai-ji Temple from the list and adds venerable Gufuku-ji Temple (present-day Kawahara-dera Temple) from a historic point of view, which suggests that the listing of great temples started from four temples and expanded later.

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