Takakamo-jinja Shrine (高鴨神社)

Takakamo-jinja Shrine is located at the eastern foot of Mount Kongo, in the Kongo Mountains, at Gose City in Nara Prefecture. It is a shikinaisha (Myojin Taisha) shrine and is listed in the Engishiki. The shrine is the head shrine of all Kamo-jinja shrines across Japan including the Kamo Wakeikazuchi-jinja and Kamo Mioya-jinja shrines in Kyoto. More than 500 species of Japanese woodland primrose bloom here in over 2200 pots from the middle of April to the beginning of May.

Enshrined Deities

The main deity is Ajisukitakahikone-no-Mikoto (Kamo-no-Omikami) and other associated deities are Shitateruhime-no-Mikoto and Amenowakahiko-no-Mikoto.

In ancient times, only two deities, Ajisukitakahikone-no-Mikoto and Shitateruhime-no-Mikoto, were enshrined, but later Amenowakahiko-no-Mikoto (the husband of Shitateruhime-no-Mikoto) and Tagirihime-no-Mikoto (the mother of Shitateruhime-no-Mikoto) were added to reflect elements of Japanese mythology. However, there is a wide variety of different theories concerning the secondary deities. Officials at Takakamo-jinja Shrine state that in addition to the deities mentioned above it also enshrines Kotoshironushi-no-Mikoto and Ajisukihayao-no-Mikoto. Ajisukitakahiko-no-Mikoto and Tagirihime-no-Mikoto are listed in the "Tokusen-Shinmyocho" annotated edition of the Engishiki Shrine Name Book. Another theory holds that other unidentified deities are also enshrined.


In addition, the Kamo clan originated from the immediate area of the shrine and their guardian deity is enshrined here. Among the ancestors of the Kamo clan, who moved out of the hilly land for the Nara basin, one branch of the family settled along the Katsuragi River erecting Kamotsuba-jinja Shrine, and another settled at Higashimochida and erected Katsuragi Mitoshi jinja-Shrine. Later Takakamo-jinja Shrine was renamed Kamikamosha Shrine, Katsuragi Mitoshi-jinja Shrine as Nakakamosha Shrine and Kamotsuba-jinja Shrine as Shimokamosha Shrine.

In the Engishiki law the shrine is listed as "The Four Shrines of Takakamo Ajisukitakahikone-no-Mikoto-jinja Shrine", is ranked as a Myojin Taisha and heihaku (a strip of silk offered to the deities) are presented on monthly, Ainame and Niiname festivals.

Auxiliary Shrines

Higashi-jinja Shrine (enshrining Amenokoyane-no-Mikoto, Amaterasu Omikami and Sumiyoshi-no-Omikami)

Nishi-jinja Shrine (enshrining Munakata-Sanjojin as the main deity, but also including Ikichishimahime-no-Mikoto, Tagitsuhime-no-Mikoto and Tagorihime-no-Mikoto, the associated deities of Amenomikatsuhime-no-Mikoto, Enyahiko-no-Mikoto and Takitsuhiko-no-Mikoto)

Branch Shrines

Hachiman-jinja Shrine
Hitokotonushi-no-Mikoto-jinja Shrine
Sarutahiko-jinja Shrine
Kotohira-jinja Shrine
Hijiri-jinja Shrine
Inari-jinja Shrine
Matsuo-jinja Shrine
Hosoi-jinja Shrine
Oyama-jinja Shrine
Kasuga-jinja Shrine
Ikazuchi-jinja Shrine
Ichikishima-jinja Shrine
Yasaka-jinja Shrine
Nishisami-jinja Shrine
Haraedo-jinja Shrine
Ushitaki-jinja Shrine
Samigokoku-jinja Shrine

Cultural Properties

Important Cultural Properties (designated by the nation)

Main Hall

Tangible Cultural Properties designated by Nara Prefecture

Auxiliary Shrine, Higashi-jinja Shrine, Main Hall

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