Kenmotsu (officials belonging to Nakatsukasasho) (監物)

Kenmotsu was officials of Honkan that belonged to Nakatsukasasho under the ritsuryo legal code system.


Kenmotsu was the officials under the direct command of Nakatsukasasho and was in charge of supervising the maintenance and delivery operations of keys of warehouses of the government offices. Therefore, Kenmotsu virtually ruled Tenyaku of Nakatsukasasho, Shuyaku of Okurasho and Kuraryo, all of which dealt with the keys. It might have been originally 'Gemotsushiki' under the direct command of the emperor, which was incorporated into Nakatsukasasho when the ritsuryo code took effect.
Kenmotsu was sometimes called by the name 'Gemotsushiki.'
Kenmotsu had been divided into three ranks Dai, Chu, and Sho, but Kenmotsusakan replaced Chukenmotsu and assisted the operations.


Daikenmotsu (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) One
Chukenmotsu (Junior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade) Four, abolished.
Shokenmotsu (Junior Sixth Rank, Senior Seventh Rank) Four
Kenmotsusakan (Junior Sixth Rank, Senior Seventh Rank) Newly established.
Kanjin Zonin

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