Daigen Suiho (大元帥法)

Daigen Suiho is one of the magic rituals of esoteric Buddhism.


Daigen Suiho is a ritual in which practitioners pray to an image of Daigensui Myoo for the defeat of enemies and traitors as well as the security of the nation that was introduced to Japan's Horin-ji Temple (Ikaruga-cho) from Tang Dynasty China by Jogyo in the year 839. It was subsequently practiced at the imperial palace from the 8th to the 17th day of the first month of every new year.

This ritual was held only within the imperial palace and it was not permitted to be practiced by retainers. FUJIWARA no Korechika, Minister of the Interior was demoted to Dazai-fu (local government office in Kyushu region) based on the excuse that he performed it during the Chotoku Incident that broke out in the year 995.

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