Kenrojishin (堅牢地神)

Kenrojishin is one of the Tembu-shin in Buddhism and controls earth. It combines to make a pair with a god in Mikkyo (Esoteric Buddhism) though it is usually a goddess. There is a tendency to be identified with Jiten, Prithivi, which is one of juniten (twelve deities).

It is sometimes called Kenrojiten, Kenrochigi or just Kenro. As a goddess of earth, it is interpreted into Kenro for ground and Fue for god. In fact, it is the god to make earth firm. It goes to places where Buddhism is spread to guard the Buddhist religious service of Buddha and Nyorai (Tathagata).

The eight articles of Kenrojishin of "Konkomyo-kyo Sutra" (Golden Light Sutra) shows that it seeks 資材珍宝伏蔵 and 神通長年妙薬 to cure illness for people. It also shows that Kenrojishin prepares dojo (place of Buddhist practice or meditation) in the pure place, takes bath, wears the clean clothing, crouches on soza (a seat made of grass), holds the service for shoko (incense offering), sange and meals in front of busshari sonzo (the statue put Buddha's ashes) or in the place with shari seitei, and 請召 in 白月八日布灑星, in beating a bitter enemy and controlling various objections.

Besides, it is identified with Jiten, Prithivi, which is one of four Shukongoushin (good dieties protecting dharma) of Diamond World Mandala in Mikkyo. In Taizokai Mandala, male gods and their empresses as Kenrojishin are laid out in Gekongobu-in, outer court. Both figures of male and female have female shapes in flesh color, and male gods have the pot with vivid flowers in his left hand. It is said that this pot represents earth and vivid flowers represent virtue in generating things. The goddess put her right hand on her heart and her left hand on her crotch. There are various figures other than sitting in the clouds in "Kakuzensho" (a text compiled by Kakuzen). In Mikkyo, this god is held service (Jitenku) to learn the law of jichinsai (ground-breaking ceremony).

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