Shichijo Omiya Bussho (七条大宮仏所)

Shichijo Omiya Bussho was a Buddhist sculpture workshop that operated in the Heian period. It was founded by Injo, who was the second son of Kakujo, who was the second son of Jocho.

Brief history

It was located on Kyoto's Shichijo-dori Street and Omiya-dori Street, and showed activity in the late Heian period. The bussho produced expert sculptors such as Inkaku and Inson. In the Kamakura period, it gave way to Shichijo and other bussho and declined. Unlike other bussho of the Enpa (En school of sculptors) and Keiha (Kei school of sculptors), the central figures were the direct kindred of Jocho and their disciples.

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