Kuredake no dai (Wu Chinese bamboo in the eastern garden of Seiryoden) (呉竹の台)

Kuretake no dai was where planting Wu Chinese bamboo in the eastern garden of Seiryoden (Literally "Limpid Cool Hall," an imperial summer palace).

Wu Chinese bamboo was Henon bamboo.

This was what planting Henon bamboo in a grid like square shaped short roughly woven fence.

It was located on the western side of Jijuden (Emperor's Residence Hall), facing Kita no ma hall passage in Gaku no ma hall.

Kinpisho' (a book written by the Emperor Juntoku, which records the history and origin of imperial court ceremonies and sets forth the rules and etiquette for carrying out such ceremonies) describes it as 'Kuredake no mase,' and "Makura no soshi" (the Pillow Book) describes it as 'Take no mase.'

Takumiryo (the Bureau of Skilled Artisans) built it in the Tentoku era, and later Mokuryo (Bureau of Carpentry) took charge.

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