Tanba (丹波)


Tanba Province

Taniha-gun or Tanba-gun District: the old name of Naka-gun (Kyoto Prefecture)

Tanba region in Kyoto Prefecture
It is also called Kyoto Tanba. It is comprised of Chutan (excluding Maizuru City) and Nantan.

The jurisdiction of the Tanba Branch Office in Kyoto Prefecture
It is also called Hyogo Tanba.
It is comprised of Sasayama City and Tanba City

Tanba City -- Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture

Tanba-cho -- Tanba-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto Prefecture (the present-day Kyotanba-cho)

Tanba-mura -- Tanba-mura (Kyoto Prefecture), Naka-gun, Kyoto Prefecture (the present-day Kyotango City)

Names of railroads
The following two names originated from Tanba Province, but their notations (kanji (chinese characters) or kana (Japanese syllabary characters)) and operational lines differ according to their respective periods.

Tanba' (丹波) -- an express train operated until 1986 by the Japan National Railways from Osaka Station and Shin-Osaka Station to the northeast of Hyogo Prefecture and the north of Kyoto Prefecture via the Fukuchiyama Line
See "Limited Express Kitakinki" for details.

Limited Express Tanba' (たんば)-- a special express train operated from 1996 by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) from Kyoto Station to Fukuchiyama Station via Ayabe Station on the Sanin Main Line
See "Limited Express Tanba" for details.

One of the Japanese family names -- Tanba clan, Tetsuro TANBA, and so forth

Tanba Tachikui Pottery

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