Tatsuta-goe Nara Kaido (the Nara Highway passing over Tatsuta) (竜田越奈良街道)

The Tatsuta-goe Nara Kaido is one of the highways to Nara. It is one of the highways connecting Osaka and Nara and is one of the 'Tatsuta-michi's' (Tastsuta road) which run through Tatsuta of Ikaruga-cho (near Tatsuta-jinja shrine). At present, National Route 25 follows its path.

As the highway crosses over Tatsuta (near Tatsuta-taisha shrine of Sango-cho), it has come to be called 'Tatsuta-goe' (竜田越: 越える or koeru means to cross over something). Also its portion within Osaka Prefecture is called 'Shibukawa-michi' (Shibukawa road).

Outline and history
It was developed in the Asuka period as a highway connecting Shitenno-ji temple of Naniwazu and Horyu-ji temple of Ikaruga-cho. This highway runs through a number of areas and sites noted in connection with Shotoku Taishi (Prince Shotoku) such as Daisei Shogun-ji Temple which stands at its roadside. It is said that Prince Shotoku himself travelled up and down this highway.

In the Nara period, this highway was used as one connecting Naniwa-kyo (the Naniwa Palace) and Heijo-kyo (the Heijo Palace). As Kurayami-goe Nara Kaido, the shortest route between the two places, had a steep mountain path, Tatsuta-goe Nara Kaido was found useful as a flat route having relatively gentle ups and downs. The eastern section of the highway from Ikaruga was called 'Yoko-oji' (横大路) (Nara Prefecture) (also called Kita no Yoko-oji). And it joined 'Naka Kaido' (its old name being Shimotsu-michi) at around today's Yokota of Yamato Koriyama City.

Prior to the rerouting of the River Yamato, Tatsuta-goe Nara Kaido once met with and parted from other highways such as 'Nagao Kaido' and 'Higashi Koya Kaido' at a place along its route where 'Kawachi Kokufu' (Kawachi Province's office) stood (today's Kou, Fujiidera City). It crossed a creek called Ishikawa (Osaka Prefecture) and passed through Kokubu-mura village and then connected to a ferry across the River Yamato near a place named Natsume-jaya. After the River Yamato was rerouted, it inevitably became a course which would neither pass through Kawachi Kokufu area nor cross the River Yamato. In the Meiji period, its new route was developed by building Kunitoyo-bashi Bridge at the north of Kokubu-mura village and laying a road on the south bank of the River Yamato. As this highway was relatively flat, it has been used as a major traffic route till today, which is currently designated as National Route 25.

In addition, there are more than one route between Kashiwara and Sango; the northern mountain path (partly duplicating with Mount Shigi-goe route), the route along the north bank of the River Yamato (so-called Kamenose-goe) and the route along the south bank of the River Yamato (today's National Route 25).

The highway passes through a place called 'Kamenose' in Kashiwara City, which has been known till today as a rough spot. When a railroad was constructed after the Meiji period, Kamenose tunnel was built, but the tunnel caved in due to the soft ground, and the railroad had to be abandoned.

Places along the highway (facilities, etc along the route)

Osaka City
Shitenno-ji Temple
Kumata-jinja Shrine
Yao City
Daisei Shogun-ji Temple
Yuge-jinja Shrine
Kashiwara City
The Sanda's house (an important cultural object)
Kashiwara City Hall, the northern end of Kunitoyo-bashi Bridge and Japan Railway Takaida Station (Kashiwara City, Osaka Prefecture) (the right side bank route)
Shin-Yamato-bashi Bridge, Ishikawa-bashi Bridge (Higashi Koya Kaido overlapping with Nagao Kaido, the route via Kokubu)
Kokubu-jinja Shrine, JTEKT (former Koyo Seiko Co. Ltd.) factory, Kawabata-bashi Bridge, Aotani Athletic Ground for Young People (the route via Kokubu)
Kawachi Katakami Station
Tatsuta-taisha Shrine
Sango-cho Town Hall
Kintetsu Shigisan Shita Station
Tatsuta River, Tatsuta-ohashi Bridge (a point where Shuntoku Kaido, Juso Kaido and Kiyotaki Kaido intersect)
Tatsuta-jinja Shrine
Ikaruga-cho Town Hall
Horyu-ji Temple
Horyuji Bus Center of Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Co. Ltd.
Hoki-ji Temple
Yamato Koriyama City
Jiko-in Temple
Kintetsu Koriyama Station
Koriyama Castle (Yamato Province) and the castle town
Kujo Park
Nara City
Saho River

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