The Yamashiro area (山城地区)

Yamashiro Province in Kyoto Prefecture, represents the twelve cities, towns and villages located in the south of Uji City. The area borders Osaka Prefecture, Nara prefecture, Shiga Prefecture and Mie Prefecture.
Its features are as follows:

In selecting members of the House of Representatives, it belongs to the sixth electoral district of Kyoto Prefecture.

The taxes are handled by the Uji Tax Office.

The area core for fixed-line telephones is 0774 except for small areas of Yawata City and Uji City, half of Kumiyama-cho, Kasagi-cho of Soraku-gun and Minami-yamashiro-mura.

The Kintetsu Kyoto Line, JR Yamato Line/Nara Line/Katamachi Line, Keihan Main line and Keihan Uji Line run through this area.

National Route 1, National Route 24, National Route 163 and National Route 307 run through this area.

Uji-gawa River and Kizu-kawa River (Kyoto Prefecture) flow through the area.

New towns in Japan, such as Kansai Science City, have been developed in parts of the area, where people live and commute to the central areas of Kyoto City and Osaka City, causing an increase in the population. Since 1988, KEIJI BY-PASS, the second Keihan road and KEINAWA EXPRESSWAY have opened one after another, improving access to the area by vehicle. The population of this area is 600 thousand, being almost equal to that of Tottori Prefecture.

Cities, towns and villages
Uji City
Yawata City
Joyo City
Kyotanabe City
Kizugawa City

Ordinary post offices
ZIP codes for the Yamashiro area are basically between 610 and 619 (with 601 to 609 in some areas of Uji City). The areas with the postal codes of 600 to 619 are under control of the Kyoto central post office.

The area codes
Basically '0774' (for Uji message area (MA)) except for the following:

Exception 1: the Kasatori interchange, the western area of Kumiyama-cho and most of Yawata City
075' (for Kyoto City)

Exception 2: Kasagi-cho and Minami-yamashiro-mura
0743' (fro Nara message area (MA) of Nara Prefecture)

Exception 3: the Iwata-Otani (岩田大谷) enclave of Yawata City (part of the Hirakata country club)
072' (the local exchange number is 800 -809 (including 390 -399) for the Kita Kawachi district of Osaka Prefecture)

First-class rivers
The Yodo-gawa River and Uji-gawa River
The Katsura-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system)
The Tozu-gawa River (Kyoto Prefecture)
The Nabari-gawa River

West Japan Railway Company
Kansai Main Line (generally Yamatoji Line in the west of Kamo Station (Kyoto Prefecture)
Nara Line
Katamachi Line
Keihan Electric Railway
Keihan Uji Line
Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau
The Tozai Line of Kyoto Municipal Subway
Kintetsu Corporation
Kintetsu Kyoto Line

Shin (new) Meishin Expressway (planned)
General toll roads
Daini Keihan Road (the second Keihan road) (the bypass of National Route 1:
* This road is planned to be connected to the Kyoto Line of Hanshin Expressway 8 in January of 2008).

Keinawa Expressway (for bypassing National Route 24)

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