Egyo (恵慶)

Egyo (the year of birth and death unknown) was a Japanese monk and a poet who lived during the mid-Heian period. He was also called Egyo Hoshi. He is regarded as one of the medieval 36 Immortal Poets.

His place of origin and career are not known. He was an instructor of the Harima provincial monastery, and on his way to the monastery, he was sent a poem by Jinzen, Tendai-zasu (head priest of the Tendai sect). His poem was first collected in "Shui Wakashu" (Collection of Gleanings of Japanese Poems). Around 962, he began to join utaawase (poetry contest) and there is a record which says that he attended with Emperor Kazan in his travel to Kumano in 986. He was on good terms with noble poets in the middle class such as ONAKATOMI no Yoshinobu, KI no Tokibumi, KIYOHARA no Motosuke, and so on.

His poem was also selected for Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (the Ogura Anthology of One Hundred Tanka-poems by One Hundred Poets). "Egyo Hoshi shu" is his personal collection of poetry.

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