Ono no Minemori (小野岑守)

ONO no Minemori (778 - April 19, 830) was a noble and a man of letters during the early Heian period. He was the third son of the Vice-Commander in Chief of the Expeditionary Army ONO no Nagami. Jushiijo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade), Sangi (councillor).


He successively served as Governor of Mutsu Province, Chief of the Bureau of Palace Storehouses, Senior Steward in the Office of the Empress's Household, Councilor, and Deputy Governor of Dazaifu in Kyushu. He was so well versed in Chinese poem that in 810 he became a tutor to Emperor Saga upon the enthronement and took part in compiling an imperial anthology of Chinese poems "Ryounshu" completed in 814. He also took part in compilations of "Nihonkoki" and "Dairishiki." His Chinese poems are contained in "Bunka Shureishu" and "Keikokushu" with pseudonym 'No Minemori' that he adapted his name to the Tang style by making his surname one Chinese character.

In 823 while he was assuming the post of Deputy Governor of Dazaifu, he proposed a scheme of introducing state-owned rice fields. In next 834, he incorporated Tane no kuni into Oosumi Province. During the same period, he constructed Zokumyoin to provide lodging for travelers from various areas in Kyushu to Dazaifu. It is considered that he had friendly relations with his contemporary monk, Kukai, through Chinese poetry.

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