Anegakoji Naritsugu (姉小路済継)

Naritsugu (Narutsugu) ANEGAKOJI (1470 - July 7, 1518) was a warring lord who lived during the early Sengoku period and the legitimate son of Mototsuna ANEGAKOJI. He was the governor of Hida Province. He was the father of Narutoshi ANEGAKOJI and Takatsuna ANEGAKOJI.

He was born in Hida. He wrote many waka (Japanese poems) and often participated in waka salons. He was known as the founder of Hida Literature along with his father Mototsuna. He received the title of Shosanmi Sangi (Senior Third Rank, Councillor). His son Narutoshi took over the family but since he could not suppress the emergence of Naoyori MITSUKI, the family declined.

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