Nishinotoin Tokiyoshi (西洞院時慶)

Tokiyoshi NISHINOTOIN (November 30, 1552 - February 11, 1640) was a court noble who lived from the Azuchi Momoyama period to early Edo period. He was the 26th head of the Nishinotoin family. He was a son of Kakucho, Priest of Ango-in Temple, who was a grandson of Masatsuna ASUKAI.

He was adopted by Suetomi KAWABATA and he used the name Kimitora KAWABATA. Then, after he was adopted by Masaharu ASUKAI, he was adopted by Tokimasa NISHINOTOIN, and he succeeded to the head of the family in 1575. He was a physician as well as a waka poet. Junii (Junior Second Rank), Sangi (Councilor). He received the title of Shoan. His children were Tokinao NISHINOTOIN (eldest son), Tokitsune HIRAMATSU (second son, patriarch of the Hiramatsu family), Yoshitada, Nichiyu, Tadayasu NAGATANI (fifth son, patriarch of the Nagatani family), Tokisada KATANO (sixth son, patriarch of the Katano family), and Gyoshi, who was a joro (high-ranking female servant in the Imperial Court) of Tofukumonin.

His diary is called 'Tokiyoshiki,' and it shows that his wide social circle included the Imperial Court and samurai families, as well as entertainment circles. During the Keicho period, he obtained an Imperial sanction from Emperor Goyozei to reconstruct Hirano-jinja Shrine, which was in ruins. He became a Buddhist priest on August 26, 1624, and took the name Enku. He later became a monk, under the name of Enku.

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