Higashi-Maizuru Station (東舞鶴駅)

Located in 661-1, Aza-goku, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, Higashi-Maizuru Station is a station owned by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

It is a major station in Maizuru City, the central administrative city in northern Kyoto.

Higashi-Maizuru Station is the last stop on the Maizuru and Obama Lines and, as of October 2007, all trains double back here, except one that starts at Nishi-Maizuru Station and arrives at Tsuruga Station and the Limited Express 'Maizuru,' which occasionally goes on to other stations. Stations up to this one are under the control of the West Japan Railway Company Fukuchiyama Branch Office, Nishi-Maizuru Section, and stations on the Obama Line eastwards from Matsunoodera Station are under the control of the Kanazawa Branch Office, Obama Railways Department.

The present station building was rebuilt with elevated tracks in 1996 and has one island platform serving two tracks.

The eastern area of Maizuru City (Higashi-Maizuru), which used to be called Shin-Maizuru-cho and later Higashi-Maizuru City, grew rapidly as a military town following the establishment, in 1901, of Maizuru Naval Base, the only military site on the Sea of Japan side and because the imperial family often visited the city up until World War II, the station building used to be very large and have a VIP room. After World War II, refugees repatriated from the continent left from this station to return to their homes throughout Japan and today, because the city is the administrative center of northern Kyoto, with many government and other public offices, the station is mainly used for business travel. Until 1972, this station had some feeder lines, including the Naka-Maizuru Line, and thus had a large storage yard, but this was dismantled with the construction of elevated tracks and some high-rise condominiums and other buildings are currently being constructed on this site.

West Japan Railway Company (JR West)
Maizuru Line
Obama Line

Station layout
This station has the appearance of a way station, at which the up train and down train can pass each other.

It is an elevated station with a single platform, capable of handling 7-car trains, serving two tracks. Trains for Fukuchiyama usually stop on the Nishi-Maizuru side and those for Tsuruga usually stop on the Obama side of the platform. Passengers need to be careful since two different trains often stop on the same track.

No Ekiben (lunch boxes available at some stations and on some trains) or other items are available on the platform, but there is a kiosk, a coffee shop, an Ekiben shop and the Maizuru city tourist information center outside the ticket gate. In addition, an escalator and an elevator are available form the ticket gate on the first floor, improving accessibility. The station is open all day from the first train to the last train.

There is a Green Window ticket counter (Midori-no-madoguchi)

There is a shopping precinct a short walk from the North Exit and the Port of (Kyoto) Maizuru is 10 minutes' walk away. Together with the elevation of the tracks, the area around the South Exit has also been developed, with La port, the largest shopping mall in northern Kyoto, and some other shops located in the area.

There are interchanges in front of both the North and South Exits; Kyoto Kotsu (Maizuru) bus services to throughout the city, expressway bus services to Tokyo, Osaka City (Umeda and Nanba), Kobe City, and Kyoto City, taxi services and, on holidays, the Maizuru sightseeing bus 'Please' all leave from the North Exit interchange.

It is easier to take a taxi to go to the Maizuru ferry terminal, which serves ferries operated by Shinnihonkai Ferry Co., Ltd., because it is located on the north edge of Maejima Wharf in the Maizuru East Port. It takes about 7 minutes by car. Shuttle bus services are available from the North Exit to the ferry terminal during holiday seasons.
(For information on the timetable of the shuttle buses, refer to the website of Shinnihonkai Ferry Co., Ltd.)

North exit
Maizuru City Hall
World Brick Museum (take a Kyoto Kotsu (Maizuru) bus from the station to the Aka-Renga-Hakubutsukan-mae bus stop.)
Police box in front of the station
Yashima shopping district
The Kyoto Shimbun Co., Ltd., Maizuru Office
Maizuru Kyosai Hospital
Budget hotel, Wave Maizuru
The Bank of Kyoto, Higashi-Maizuru Office
The Fukuho Bank, Higashi-Maizuru Office
Kyoto Hokuto Shinkin Bank, Higashi-Maizuru Central Branch Office
Keiji Shinyoukumiai, head office sales department, satellite office
Hotel Mare Takata
Kinki Finance Bureau, satellite office
South exit
La port shopping center (Kyoto Prefecture)
Hotel Arstainn
The registered head quarters of Tomato&Associates Corporation used to be here but after the company was acquired by Skylark Holdings Co., Ltd. in April 2006, the head quarters office was closed and the building no longer has any connection with the company.

Kyoto Hokuto Shinkin Bank, Minamihama Office
Rent-A-Car Japaren, Higashi-Maizuru Sales Office
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Higashi-Maizuru Office
Higashi-Maizuru Ekimae Store of Yutaka Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Services and Passenger Volume
Between Kyoto Station and Higashi-Maizuru Station, there are 5 up trains and 6 down trains of the Limited Express 'Maizuru' and 2 round trips of the Limited Express 'Tango Discovery'; a total of 7.5 round trips of Limited Express trains are operated a day, all of which stop at this station as their terminal station (the Limited Express 'Maizuru' however, continues up to Obama Station on holidays). Moreover, 30 up Local trains, including one Rapid train, and 29 down Local trains, a total of 59 Local trains are operated a day.
(As of April 2005)

An average of 1,345 people a day used the station in fiscal year 2006, with most passengers being business commuters from Kyoto City since this area has many government and other public offices.

November 3, 1904: Opened as Shin-Maizuru Station by Japan National Railways (JNR)
Station leased to Hankaku Railway on same day. Passenger and freight services started.

August 1, 1907: Hankaku Railway nationalized.

July 21, 1919: Feeder line to Naka-Maizuru Station (Naka-Maizuru Line) opened.

June 1, 1939: Name changed to Higashi-Maizuru Station.

November 1, 1972: Naka-Maizuru Line discontinued.

September 30, 1980: Freight services discontinued.

April 1, 1987: Came under control of JR West following division and privatization of JNR.

July 13, 1996: Station elevated.

It was chosen as a station for the Fourth Selection of 100 Famous Stations in the Kinki Region in 2003.

Adjacent stations
For information on the next stations of the Limited Expresses 'Maizuru' and 'Tango Discovery,' refer to the article for that train.

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Higashi-Maizuru Station - Matsunoodera Station

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