Yamadagawa Station (山田川駅)

Yamadagawa Station, located at 3-1, Koaza Shimogawara, Oaza Yamada, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture, is a railway facility on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line, which is operated by the Kintetsu Corporation. It is bordered by the Kizu-gawa River.

Station layout

It's a ground station equipped with a two-sided platform serving two tracks. The platform length isn't long enough to permit the trains of more than four cars. On the west side of the station, on Platform 2, the station building is constructed, and a yard crossing is used to go to Platform 1 (as of November 2007, this is the only yard crossing on the Kyoto Line). The toilet facility, located on Platform 2, is equipped with a flush toilet (the installation of a new toilet was carried out in February 2008 next to the vault toilet that existed at the time, and after about a month of work the newly completed toilet was made available; consequently, the vault toilet was closed and removed). However, the toilet is not multipurpose.

Automatic ticket gates made by Toshiba are installed, and a red-colored automatic ticket gate (EG-2000) has the two-ticket processing function at the outgoing ticket usage check; it accepts PiTaPa and ICOCA. The commuter ticket is sold by prescription.

Passenger use

According to a survey conducted on November 8, 2005, the number of the users that day was 4,786.

This is the 122nd position out of all the stations of Kintetsu Railway targeted by the survey (323 stations as of the survey date).

It ranks twentieth out of all the stations on the Kyoto Line (26, including Yamato-Saidaiji Station).

It ranks eighteenth out of all the Kintetsu Railway stations within Kyoto City (23 stations).

The principal users are local residents. It's also used by students for the commute to school.

Station surroundings

Commercial facilities have been developed in front of the station, whereby the convenience of the area has been enhanced. Yamadagawa Bypass of National Route 163 runs on the opposite side of the river. The road that leads from the station to the bypass is the former National Route 163, but it's relatively narrow.

The Yamada-sho post office
Hightouch Research Park
Kyoto Prefectural Nanyo Senior High School
Kizukawa Municipal Kizu Junior High School
Kizukawa Municipal Saganaka Elementary School
National Route 163
Yamada Interchange - Keinawa Expressway


In addition to the bus service provided by Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Co., Ltd., community bus services, Kizu-cho Circular Bus (Kizu-cho Junkai-bus) and Seika Kururin Bus are available in front of the station.

Nara Kotsu Bus Lines
Takanohara Station - Nanyo-koko (Kyoto Prefectural Nanyo Senior High School) - Yamadagawa Station - Kizugawadai-Jutaku residential area
Kinotsu Bus
For: Kizu Station (Kyoto Prefecture)/Kase-yama/Umemidai
For: Hightouch Research Park/Kabutodai/Takanohara Station/Saganakadai
For: Kizugawadai-Jutaku residential area
Seika Kururin Bus
For: Sakuragaoka/Hikaridai/KEIHANNA PLAZA/Seika Town Hall/Hosono Station
Formerly, there were bus services for Kamo Station (Kyoto Prefecture), Kasagi-cho, Tsukigaseeki-guchi and Iga City. Today, the descriptions on these routes can still be traced on the information board at the bus station.


November 3, 1928: The station opened when Nara Electric Railway began operating between Momoyamagoryomae Station and Saidaiji Station (currently Yamato-Saidaiji Station).

October 1, 1963: It became a station of Kintetsu Corporation due to the merger of the company.

April 1, 2007: PiTaPa became accepted at the station.


In the time of the Nara Electric Railway (the predecessor of the Kintetsu Kyoto Line), the company provided route bus services under its direct operation, and therefore the station has long functioned as a bus terminal. Prior to 1995, there was a route bus service for Kasagi-cho and Iga City (Mie Prefecture) running through National Route 163, but it was eventually discontinued. After the merger, the company was taken over by a subsidiary of Kintetsu Corporation (Kyoto Kintetsu Tour Bus, which had its depot in Kamikoma, Yamashiro-cho (Kyoto Prefecture), Kizugawa City; currently, the Kinbutsu Rex Minami-Kyoto Branch is located there). Subsequently, it was succeeded by Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd. (then directly operated by Kintetsu Corporation), and since 1973 the route has been operated by Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Co., Ltd.

To the south of the station there is a prominent viaduct of the Keinawa Expressway, which represents the development progress that the station has witnessed.

Adjacent stations

Kintetsu Railway
Kyoto Line
Kizugawadai Station - Yamadagawa Station - Takanohara Station

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